Beautiful location, Friendly and helpful konya eskort bayan smiling staff.
Riding at Rancho Lorilar was fantastic. Ride great horses into the hills above Puerto Plata for great scenery and a good look at how the locals live. Wonderful , helpful friendly staff. Funny too!

The Tropical at Lifestyles probably doesn’t deserve a gold crown but in my opinion they deserve a silver crown. The place is beautiful and well kept. Grounds are beautiful and someone is always sweeping the walkways, pool area of just doing general maintenance of some kind.
The food was more than adequate at the buffet. Some of it was actually very good. Carmen will make you a great smoothie every morning if you so desire.
Lucia was wonderful and welcoming as our RCI concierge. I had a problem with a broken hose on the hand held shower hose and it was fixed the next day. No problem!
We ate at the Italian, Brazilian, and seafood restaurants and they were very good. Not gourmet, but better than average.
The pool areas were nice and the VIP beach was great. Yes I waited in line a few times for them to open, but no big deal to save a cabana bed before breakfast. They had wi-fi at the VIP beach and it cut in and out at times, but I was able to get done what I wanted too on the internet with no problem. Even played a bit of Words with friends!!
I had no problem with rude or unhelpful staff. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and accommodating. Always had a smile and hello ready.
If you go to this resort with reasonable expectations you will not be dissatisfied.

Virginia, The Presidential Suites